We are currently developing this gateway. But in the meantime, explore our lesson plans, curricula, and resources that have been compiled by our sister History-Social Science Project sites.

Explore the UCLA History & Geography Project’s bank of curriculum and resources here. You can find lesson plans organized by course and grade level as well as links to plans associated with Special Projects and topics. Scroll down the page to the “Resources” header and select “primary sources” to find the Project’s curated list of websites that include valuable teaching resources.

Visit the UC Berkeley History Project to search and explore their lesson plans here. Explore their site to find more resources, such as this set on teaching LGBTQ history.

The History Project at UC Irvine Project has also compiled history/social science lessons and resources for K-12 teachers. Explore them here.

Find three full teaching units, developed by the CAHSSP State Office, here. These units are “Medieval Sites of Encounter” for seventh grade classrooms, “The Civil War” for eighth grade classrooms, and “the Cold War” for tenth and eleventh grade classrooms.